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Cobb Swim Coaches Association

2010 All-County Team

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2010 All-County Team
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2010 All-County Swimming and Diving Team

Coaches of the Year

David Reason – Kennesaw Mountain

Jonathan Laird – Campbell


Swimmers of the Year

Ben Shepperd – Walton

Liz Braun – Sprayberry


Divers of the Year

James Morrow – Pope

Ansley Long – Kennesaw Mountain


First Team Boys

Michael Dugan - Marietta

James Jacobi – Harrison

Elliott Lorson – North Cobb

Brian McClintock – Walton

Graydon McCrite - Harrison

Derek Onken - Walker

Hayden Price – Hillgrove

Jake Schoeff – Kennesaw Mountain

Ben Shepperd - Walton

Jordan Turner - Pope

Jimmy Yoder – Lassiter


Second Team Boys

KyleAllers - Pope

Cody Bly – Marietta

Brian Boda - Wheeler

Henry Loong - Lassiter

Kirk Malcolm – Walton

Jackson Marine - Lassiter

Non Siwabut – Kennesaw Mountain

Sean Sloat - Wheeler

Spencer Tolbert – Kennesaw Mountain

Sam Wilgus – Campbell


Honorable Mention – Boys

Sam Larsen – Kennesaw Mountain

Arthur Lo - Pope

Chris Lohff - Hillgrove

Mike McCarthy – Lassiter

Michael Miller – Harrison


All-County Divers – Boys

James Morrow – Pope

David Sanchez – Walton

Connor Gallagher – Kennesaw Mountain

Eric Sinsley – Pope

Brendan Oweida – Walker

William Selman - Walton

First Team Girls

Samantha Bosma – Lassiter

Liz Braun – Sprayberry

Kim Carducci – Lassiter

Ansley Crenshaw – Lassiter

Callie Nettles – North Cobb

Anna Neumeister - Pope

Shannon O’Malley – Lassiter

Maryrose Palermo - Walton

Erin Reisinger - Walton

Sarah Williford – Lassiter



Second Team Girls

Tora Anderson – Hillgrove

Courtney Ciesielski – Lassiter

Alli Crenshaw - Lassiter

Jessica Graber – Walton

Madison Jacobi – Harrison

Kelsey Maloney - Wheeler

Adrienne Pilchard – Walton

Jennifer Ragan – Kennesaw Mountain

Emily Siegelman - Pope

Devan White – Harrison


Honorable Mention - Girls

Katie Head - Harrison

Aven Jackson - Walton

Anne Medved – Kell

Elizabeth Medved - Kell

Ashley Montag – Kell


All-County Divers – Girls

Avery Armstrong – Kell

Alexandra Hart – Kennesaw Mountain

Gray Jones - Wheeler

Ansley Long – Kennesaw Mountain

Emily Moore - Lassiter

The All-County Team is determined by the head coaches of each team in Cobb County. 
Each coach nominates their swimmers & divers for the all-county team based on their performance during THIS season (to be eligible, the swimmer must have qualified for the state championships in at least one individual event). 
The nominations are compiled onto a ballot and distributed to the coaches.  Each coach then votes for 10 First Team, 10 Second Team, 5 Honorable Mention and 4 Divers for both boys and girls teams. 
They also cast their votes for the Coach, Swimmer and Diver of the Year. 
A First Team vote earns a swimmer three points, a Second Team vote earns a swimmer two points and an Honorable Mention vote earns a swimmer one point. 
Those swimmers/divers who win an individual event at the county championships are automatically  named to the First Team.  The remaining places on the All-County Team are then filled using the points earned from the coaches' votes. 
A tie for #10, #20 or #25  results in both swimmers being placed on the higher level.